Bible Trivia answers and cheats for every level of the game. Do you love the verses of the bible, and want to test yourself on the Lord’s lessons? Then put your faith in Bible Trivia by Innoge Labs Inc. Bible Trivia is free and available all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. And below you will find all the Bible Trivia answers, cheats, tips, and hints for every level of Bible Trivia!

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Bible Trivia Level Answers

Bible Trivia levels 1-10
Bible Trivia levels 11-20

Bible Trivia, the most extensive and thorough game of trivia based on the good book. In Bible Trivia, you will be put through the ultimate test by quizzing yourself on everything in the Holy Scripture. From the Old Testament to the New Testament to the Book of Revelation, Bible Trivia will test you on every page of wisdom. You’re going to have to dig down to remember everything you learned from your time at Sunday school up until your last visit at church.

Every level of Bible Trivia presents you with a new and challenging question. As you progress, you will se that there are many different types of questions. You may need to name a famous scene by looking at a picture. You could be asked to fill the line to a verse. You will even need to answer questions based on a piece of audio supplied to you. For every correct answer, you will be awarded coins that can then be used for hints.

For instance, you reveal a letter of the clue or remove letters from the bank. You can also reveal a clue about the question itself, such as which verse it is coming from. If you run out of coins, the game allows you to purchase more. But who wants to do that? Instead, use our helpful collection of Bible Trivia answers to help you out.

With these hand-crafted questions from the Dallas Theological Seminary, you will never be without God. In fact, you may even surprise some people the next time you go to your church. But these questions are quite tricky. That’s why you should rely on us for all of your Bible Trivia answers and cheats.